Operation Camp

Building Connections that Strengthen Futures

Military children can bear a tremendous amount of stress related to frequent moves, parental deployment, and trauma should a parent be wounded or killed. Oftentimes, military spouses are dealing with similar emotions and may not know how to address their child’s attitudes and behaviors that may be hindering progress at school and at home.

Operation Hero Half-Day Camp is tailored to the unique struggles of military children. The program incorporates STEM and Arts activities while addressing topics specifically relevant to the military child and their experience. It provides tools and opportunities for military children to adjust positively to the hardships of a military lifestyle, while learning problem-solving skills, character development and teambuilding.

Program Overview

Operation Hero Half-Day Camp provides opportunities for military children to make meaningful connections. For military children, who may face moving to a new city, state, and school every two to three years, these friendships, support networks, and memories last a lifetime.

Operation Hero Half-Day Camp focuses on:

  • Building confidence and enhancing self-image
  • Improving social skills that reflect age-appropriate behavior
  • Teaching conflict resolution and the healthy management and expression of anger
  • Increasing bonds with family and friends
  • Equipping military children and families with tools and resources to cope with the challenges of military life
  • Exposure to STEM and Art activities

Summer Camp enrollment period is closed for 2023